Pandemic living has changed the way Canadians think about renovations: more than half of us renovated our homes last year for living there. Only 16 per cent of us renovated specifically to increase our home’s market value. Still, nearly 60 per cent of the Canadians surveyed said that they still considered return on investment, no matter what the main reasons for renovating were. If you’re considering renovating your home this year, what would be the best kind of job to tackle? A top Real Estate Brokerage crunched the numbers and found that it varied from one market to another. However, there are some projects that are worth it no matter where you live. Here are the home renovations with the highest return on investment in 2021.

Here’s the list

1. Kitchen Renovations
2. Paint
3. Bathroom Renovations
4. Flooring
5. Finishing or Revamping You Basement
6. Open Concept Rooms
7. Replacing Your Roof
8. Landscaping
9. Exterior Upgrades
10. New Windows

Although these are all great options, each property is certainly unique as is each area. To find out which updates might give you the best return on investment call or text Karen Willison at 705-888-0075 and she will share her insight with you.