Tips From Real Estate Agents: The Home Buyers' Road MapThe Home Buyers’ Road Map is a guide put together by real estate agents working with the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) for the purpose of providing information to first-time, or simply inexperienced, home buyers.

Through surveys, it was found that the majority of Canadians wanted more information when it comes to buying and selling property and houses. Among the younger generation, the want increased dramatically.

To address this concern, the CREA and FCAC coordinated with experts and real estate agents to put together the Home Buyers’ Road Map, which is available at here, on the CREA website.

The Home Buyers’ Road Map is an interactive and easy-to-use tool aimed at providing the necessary information to would-be home buyers. Through resources such as this, the organizations hope to resolve the situation of lack of information and thereby strengthen the overall marketplace.

The tool guides the prospective home buyer through the process from beginning to end in an easy-to-use method. It begins with the assessment of financial readiness, then moves on to options about mortgages and even government aid/rebate programs.

After addressing a few of the necessary financial concerns, the Road Map will then assist you in searching for a home. On the same page, there is a separate resource for finding qualified real estate agents in your area or nearby where you are looking at purchasing a home.

The process ends with tips about making an offer on a house, as well as a summary of closing costs, etc. For anyone looking to buy a home in Canada, whether first-time home buyer or not, the Home Buyers’ Road Map is an essential source that will help make the entire process more clear and straightforward.