Snow sports aren’t just sports, they’re essential. Let’s make sure the snow season is protected! If you agree, and believe snow sports should continue, please do fill out a letter to your local MPP below at:


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As the snow season approaches in Ontario, we need to make sure that it’s protected and supported by the government.

Over the summer months, recreational operations like golf courses and marinas were supported by the provincial government, and we expect the same for the winter. Thousands of Ontarians rely on snow sports over the winter for employment, their physical health and mental health. This is what makes it essential, especially during these difficult times.

Snow Resort owners and operators across the province have been working on safe return to sport and re-opening operational plans. Resorts are separating their inside and outside offerings so adjustments can be made safely and efficiently depending on the current COVID-19 measures in the provincial framework. Outside operations at ski facilities have implemented a “Ski Well Be Well” standard and rules are in place to maintain physical distancing and PPE such as required face coverings and hand sanitization stations.

Organized by the Ontario Ski Resorts Association