Property for Sale in South Georgian Bay Makes for Perfect Vacation (or Permanent) Homes

The number of Baby Boomers nearing and entering retirement age has heavy implications in many real estate markets – particularly those markets that also happen to be popular vacation spots. None is a better example of the exploding demand and responsive development than the South Georgian Bay of Ontario.

The property for sale in this area, which includes Blue Mountains, Meaford, Collingwood, and surrounding locales, is set to increase dramatically over the next few years as developers strive to meet the anticipating, and already existing, demand that not only the retiring Baby Boomers, but even some younger home buyers, are putting on the marketplace. But why is this area so special?

Property for sale in the South Georgian Bay area offers the benefits of living in a holiday area all year round. But unlike other holiday destinations, this area changes throughout the year, offering natural outdoor activities, not to mention beauty, suitable for every age and personality.

In the warmer months, wide and well-kept golf courses provide access to sporting fun. Numerous hiking trails of various difficulties, along with perfect opportunities for kayaking in the picturesque landscape of the Georgian Bay and surrounding water bodies, will be more than enough to fill the appetite of any outdoor enthusiast.

But the colder months are what this area is truly famous for. The largest and best ski slopes of Ontario can be found here around Blue Mountains. Since this area has been attracting visitors for decades, it is sensible that some retirees are looking at property for sale here for their retirement living.

The South Georgian Bay is currently set to undergo a wide-scale residential development, supplemented by sufficient commercial development to meet the needs of new residents. For anyone considering this area as a retirement location, vacation getaway, or even an earlier permanent move, there has never been a better time than now to start taking action. Contact Andres Paara & Karen Willison of Royal LePage Locations North for information on opportunities for your new home!