Save your money for big projects that are value added.  Sprucing up the front porch won’t cost you big, but your satisfaction will be enormous.

Before starting a porch upgrade, walk across the street to get a feel for how your home looks from a distance. You might find that your porch has lost its luster, or that the landscape bed beside it is too shallow, or too crowded. It’s a good starting point and will more easily establish what will work best for your home.

Update the Entrance

A freshly painted door will give you a dramatic pop, and doors are where you should let your style come through. Paint will show up more intensely outside than on a swatch, so don’t forget to do your diligence when selecting your palette.  Light colours tend to wash out more quickly and appear pale. Once you find a colour you like, paint a swatch and live with it for a week before making the final decision.

Clean Up

There’s rain, heat, and possibly snow, plus foot traffic and other wear and tear — your porch can look dull over time, and a simple cleaning can help. “Paint and power wash go a long way,” Trouten says. Use an outdoor bleach solution that’s available at a home improvement store. It attaches to your hose and works fast. After you clean, you can better evaluate what needs painting and updating. Here’s a tip when painting outdoor columns and shutters: Avoid semigloss paint that reflects sunlight, Trouten says, and opt for satin for trim.

Perfect a Path

Your guests will get a feel for how welcome they are, and how much you take pride in your home based on their walk to your front entrance. First task; ensure your pathway is wide enough. If it seems too narrow, line it with bricks or pavers on each side to give it character. The pathway to your home should curve to the house, as though it were an introduction. In addition, you should make sure your walkway is well-groomed, clean, and inviting for your guests. The pathway to your home entrance is really an extension of your home.

Beef up on Style

Dulled down columns take away from how pretty a porch can be.  Paint out, or add cedar to these pillars and that will make a big difference. Trim windows and add larger trim around your door, it will make your home appear more grande. You could also try adding a flagstone step or a stone veneer to your foundation front, this will add more substance to the look of your home.

Start Small

Add appeal with little things like hardware. Vintage mailboxes, house numbers, and door knobs will draw your eye to a new interest, just be sure to look for quality solid metal, and nothing too kitschy.   

Seating Stands Out

A welcoming sitting area adds warmth. Pair a couple of small chairs with bright seasonal throw pillows that can be changed to add interest year-round.

Keep it Simple

Less is more when it comes to decorating your front porch. If your porch is big enough to sit on, be sure you choose the right size of furniture. If your porch is small, add accents like a rug and bench. It’s best to use less on your porch than you think. The point is to make it inviting to sit on and if you keep it simple, it can be a fun way of giving first-time guests a sneak peak into your decor style.