Amerispec Inspection Services sent us the following useful tips on managing the winter thaw. Given the rain we’ve seen this week and warmer temperatures, these are important things to watch out for.



Although it may not seem like it, Spring is coming and all the snow accumulation will eventually melt. The big question is, how can we make sure all that melted snow stays outside and doesn’t make it into the house?

The first step is to take a tour of your property. Make a note of any major snow accumulation, especially around doors and windows and be sure to clear it away before the weather warms. While you’re outside, survey your roof. Note any areas where the snow seems to have melted earlier than other areas, and compared to your neighbours, such as around your chimney or in patches over the roof area. Also check for large icicles and ice dams. These might be problem warm spots in your attic where the insulation has fallen (or been pulled!) away. Take a photo if you can so you can refer to it later.

Continue your tour and look at any other foundation access points to your home, such as venting for your furnace, water heater and dryer. Clear any ice and snow build-up immediately. A blocked vent can add to a build-up of toxic fumes in your home, which you very definitely don’t want. Inspect any caulking around these areas. If it is cracked or missing, you’ll want to take care of it before the snow and ice melts. Cold temperature caulking can be applied in temperatures down to –20 C, so you don’t need to wait. Talk to your hardware store pros and find a good quality product for the job.

You’ll also want to clear away snow buildup around your eavestrough downspouts to ensure quick runoff when the weather warms up.

Back inside, now is the time to take a look at your sump pump and pit. Once Spring hits, the sump pump will be working overtime, so now is a good time to ensure it’s in good working order. Take a flashlight and check the pit to ensure there is no debris that could impede the float. The pit should be very clean. If it isn’t, raise the float to activate the pump and before it refills, clear out anything that has fallen into the pit.

With these few tasks, you’ll keep your home safe from spring water infiltration and keep the headaches to a minimum.

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