Making the choice to sell your home is a big decision, and the reasons behind that decision can impact your selling strategy. Taking the time to think about and understand why you’re selling your home will help you make focused decisions when the time comes to think about the details of your listing.

These details include:
Your asking price
How much time and money you are going to invest in selling your home, including the resources you put into preparing your home
How you are going to market your home
How you are going to approach negotiations

These details are affected by the motivation you have to sell your home. We have outlined a few reasons you might be selling and how your selling strategy is affected.

Wanting vs. Needing to Sell
Wanting to sell is rooted in preference and the home you would prefer to live in. This is common with empty nesters who don’t have any immediate need for another home, but who would prefer something smaller.
Needing to sell your home will likely be because of time, location, or money. Your family may need to relocate by a certain date for work, or maybe there has been a change in your financial situation. Needing to sell your home will be linked to another variable in your life.
The difference between wanting to sell and needing to sell is urgency. This will help you determine the time frame you’re looking to sell in and how your listing price is affected by your timeline.

Moving Up vs. Downsizing
Many people sell their homes over the years to find a better fit for their family. If your family is growing, you may need to sell your home and find a larger home when space gets tight. Similarly, downsizing space is common when children move into their own homes.
Both upsizing and downsizing affect your selling strategy because you will be working within the time restraints of moving into your new home. The alternative is selling and not buying another home. You may be renting or moving into a property you already own.
Knowing whether you are going to be buying another home will impact how you sell your home because timing and financial decisions will come into play.

Identifying the reason behind selling your home could be the first step you make toward getting to where you want to be without the hassle or emotion that may otherwise occur. If you are already committed to selling, put our team to work by speaking to one of our trained professionals.