In each post of the “Welcome Home” series, we’ll be exploring a different group of people who would find themselves at home in the area of South Georgian Bay. It’s our way of showing you how this area can appeal to people with all sorts of lifestyles and interests, and how it will surely appeal to you as well.

For our first post we’re looking at active families who are looking for events and sports to try with their kids, promoting healthy and active lifestyles for their children with elements of adventure and nature. Here, we explore just a few reasons why active families would find themselves at home in South Georgian Bay.

A wide variety of events
Fun, free, and unique – the events in this area cover it all. Every weekend there’s some sort of event that families can participate in. It’s not hard to find events that are free to attend, and inexpensive events are always around! Happening right now for the Fall season, for example, you can find apple picking, pumpkin carving, corn mazes, carriage rides, and even some spooky Halloween-themed events.

Activities for all ages
The area is very family-friendly when it comes to activities and sports that any age can participate in. For example, skiing is one sport that our area is known for, and it’s one of the few sports that can say it’s multi-generational. You’ll regularly see parents, kids, and even grandparents on the hill together – where you can’t say that about every sport. Another great family activity is hiking, which you can experience for free around many trails in the area. Experience the beautiful fall colours, or strap on some snowshoes and hike in the winter – it’s a year round activity for families to enjoy!

Parents can take a night-off
We can’t forget about the parents, who spend their days tirelessly running after their active children. Well, the area boasts something for them as well. There are multiple daycares, baby-sitters, and even local events that advertise taking care of your kids for a few hours so that parents can enjoy themselves. Pizza and Plunge, for example, is a weekly event at Plunge! Aquatic Centre during the summer season at Blue Mountain Resort. For this event, kids can be dropped off and will enjoy games and dinner while the parents can enjoy some alone-time at a restaurant within walking distance in the Village!