Collingwood’s “Community Based Strategic Plan” (CBSP) is a document designed to guide the town in accomplishing its vision and goals for the future. The creation of the CBSP included community involvement through brainstorming at pop-up booths, workshops, and a questionnaire, thus allowing the voice of the community to be heard throughout the process, and ensuring that residents were given a chance to express their wants and needs in shaping the future of Collingwood.

Collingwood’s Strategic Plan will be implemented over the next 20 years with small, medium, and long term actions that have been set in place. Built into the plan is time and space to revisit and revise the CBSP so that, over the years, it continues to respond to the needs and desires of the community.

To ensure that Collingwood will continue to be a vibrant, healthy, and exciting community in which to visit and live the “Community Based Strategic Plan” outlines five goals with actions to aid in the implementation of these goals.

The goals are:

Accountable Local Government

It is important to the residence of Collingwood that their government is fiscally responsible and transparent in decision making. The actions set in place to achieve this goal are:

  • A financially secure and sustainable Town
  • Effective management of Town Debt and Assets
  • Frequent, proactive communication with the public
  • Commitment to implement the CBSP

Public Access to a Revitalized Waterfront

The town of Collingwood is committed to explore opportunities that will allow the waterfront to have a greater variety of public uses while ensuring that the natural environment is protected. The action to achieve this goal is:

  • Develop a comprehensive Waterfront Master Plan that guides future development, as well as preserves natural and cultural heritage and improves public access

Support for Economic Growth

Collingwood’s economy is largely based on tourism. It is the desire of the residence, however, that the town diversify Collingwood’s industry while keeping the tourism sector a priority. The actions to achieve this goal are:

  • Continue to implement the Town’s Economic Development Strategy and undertake a public review of the results achieved within each term of Council
  • Support small businesses, entrepreneurship and career advancement initiatives

Healthy Lifestyle

The town of Collingwood already creates spaces for developing a healthy lifestyle, however, residents would like to expand this to include “convenient access to the trails system, improved access to local health care, access to a range of social services, access to locally grown food, an appreciation of the natural environment, and an increase in shared public space. Each of these actions will further the community’s goal for sustained healthy, active and compassionate living” (CBSP). The specific actions to achieve this goal are:

  • Maintain and improve indoor and outdoor recreational facilities including trail networks, arenas, pools and parks
  • Promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • Public support for improved access to health care within Collingwood
  • Preservation of the Natural Environment

Culture and the Arts

The town of Collingwood has an ever growing arts community. To continue to support this growth, it has been suggested by the community, that the town “create a wider range of festivals, events and attractions than already exist throughout the year” (CBSP) and that, during these local events, highlighting and promoting local artists and business would be a priority. The actions to achieve these goals are:

  • Support and expand the diversity of community events and festivals
  • Promote arts and cultural programs
  • Continued recognition of Collingwood’s unique heritage

These goals and actions will allow the town of Collingwood to remain focused on their vision. Amazingly, the projection is that by 2031 Collingwood will be home to 33,000 people. The CBSP will guide Collingwood into the future, ensuring that, starting now and in the years to come, Collingwood will continue to be and grow into a place where people can live creative and healthy lives.