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To enter – Comment on the Guess the Date post with your best guess for the opening date for the 2018-2019 ski season at Blue!

Winner will be selected on opening day. All entries with the correct date will go into a draw to win one $100 Blue Gift Card. Winner will be announced on our Facebook page and notified by messenger.
To help you out we have researched the Blue Mountain Resort opening date for the past 30 years!

2018-2019 Blue Mountain Ski Pass Savings

5×7 ® Pass – Most popular season pass – midweek from open to close (with minimal holiday restrictions) and weekend nights.
New for the 2018/19 season, passholders can ski Christmas Day & New Year’s Day.
Also new – the 5X7® has youth and senior pricing for the 2018/19 season. Adult $379 | Youth-Senior $329 until Dec. 13.

Double Down Pass – Two unrestricted Day/Night lift tickets (transferable) Until December 13, you can purchase your Double Down for only $124.

❄️⛷Blue Mountain Opening Day 2017 🏂⛄️

❄️⛷Blue Mountain Opening Day Dates 1987 – 2017 🏂⛄️
Take your best guess! To help you out we’ve compiled the opening dates from 1987 to 2017!
  • 1987-88 November 27
  • 1988-89 December 10
  • 1989-90 November 25
  • 1990-91 December 8
  • 1991-92 December 6
  • 1992-93 December 11
  • 1993-94 December 3
  • 1994-95 December 3
  • 1995-96 November 25
  • 1996-97 December 1
  • 1997-98 December 12
  • 1998-99 December 19
  • 1999-00 December 18
  • 2000-01 November 25
  • 2001-02 December 26
  • 2002-03 December 4
  • 2003-04 December 5
  • 2004-05 December 15
  • 2005-06 December 7
  • 2006-07 December 8
  • 2007-08 November 30
  • 2008-09 November 28
  • 2009-10 December 12
  • 2010-11 December 9
  • 2011-12 December 17
  • 2012-13 December 12
  • 2013-14 November 30
  • 2014-2015 December 5
  • 2015-2016 December 30
  • 2016-2017 December 11
  • 2017-2018 December 12
  • 2018-2019 – ????

⛷ What’s your guess for Blue Mountain’s 2018-2019 Opening Day? ⛷

New for 2018 – Blumination Dream Trail


The Blumination Dream Trail is a one-kilometer, magical winter stroll within the Village, around the Mill Pond, and straight through your mind’s eye. Featuring a number of interactive and entrancing light installations, it’s like Blue Mountain “through the looking glass”, a snow globe with you in it. It’s a mega-watt winter experience like none other in the region!

It’s the Village in a way you’ve never seen it before, and a way you’ll want to see again and again. The Blue Mountain Village Association has teamed with Collingwood production company Smash Reality Inc. and the Landmark Group to bring you the “Blumination Dream Trail”.

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed by hundreds of twinkling lights in the “Field of Dreams”. An excellent way to ignite the senses and set the stage for what is to come. Hundreds more lights guide you through a dozen stops including the “Mind Warp”, “Star Street” and “Light So Bright”, an over-sized, fully-functional, digital LiteBrite wall where you can let your creativity loose. The trail ends in the square with incredible light shows every evening at 7and 9 pm, with amazing fireworks every Saturday at 8 pm. It’s a magical experience words can’t describe, and an exciting addition to the many winter activities already available in the Village. “It’s an exciting new experience to add to group holiday parties,” says Patti Kendall, Director of Marketing and Events for Blue Mountain Village Association, “and a great addition to your family winter holiday traditions.” Beyond the Dream Trail, visitors can stroll the Village and enjoy excellent dining and shopping every day – including Christmas – with most shops open daily until 9 pm.

Plus, Blue Mountain Resort is offering lodging packages at special rates complete with free hot chocolate to keep you warm on your adventures. For more information about the Blumination Dream Trail including deals on winter accommodations. Visit www.Blumination.ca for more details! (Source: Blue Mountain Press Release Oct. 11, 2018)


(Source for opening day dates: www.snowpak.com and Mountain Life )