A very dear friend of the AK Team is living with Parkinson’s Disease a uses this great facility.

Rock Steady Boxing Toronto is the first Canadian affiliate of the unique and effective non-contact boxing program designed to fight back against Parkinson’s.

The Parkinson’s Resource Centre, a new non-profit organization (currently awaiting charitable status), offers Rock Steady Boxing and other programs and services designed to help people with Parkinson’s live better each and every day. While research for a cure is important, our goal is to help thousands of people with Parkinson’s live a fuller life and regain some hope and control over a challenging disease.

The benefits of forced, intense exercise have been shown to reduce the impact of Parkinson’s symptoms. Our professional and passionate coaches deliver the Rock Steady “tough love” approach in a dynamic, fun, and team-based environment that works for boxers of any age or fitness level.

Rock Steady Boxing Toronto classes are already full, and we have hundreds more on our growing waiting list. With your help, we can continue to expand and provide effective programs to help the thousands for people living with Parkinson’s in the GTA. We’ll launch six-week boot camps to introduce new boxers to Rock Steady exercises and we’ll expand our classes, starting with a new location in Toronto’s west end.

Parkinson’s disease is the opponent here, affecting over 100,000 Canadians now, with that number expected to double in less than 20 years.

We are asking you to help us fight back. Together, we can get hundreds of new boxers off of our waiting list and into the gym!

Please consider donating to this great cause: http://bit.ly/28MMJ8m