Considering a spring sale? With buyer demand at it’s highest in years Collaborative Real Estate wants to help you maximize your sale dollars with a few tips from Karen Willison. 

TIP 1 – Get Advice On What Renovations To Complete First 

When considering a sale there are many items that you may have on your ‘checklist’ to complete before you put your home on the market. While it is a great idea to complete necessary repairs, not all items may be providing the best return on investment. In a market where buyers are overlooking many nuances of a home it is important to get advice from a Realtor to see what should be completed in order to list. 

TIP 2 – List Your Home at the Right Time 

Although your home might ‘look it’s best’ when the pool is open or the flowers are bloomed, the timing of those items can often mean you have missed the prime of the real estate market, in 2021 the buyers are waiting and delaying til everything is green might not be the best strategy. Karen Willison can provide advice on where the market is at with precision.

TIP 3 – Selling as an Unconditional Sale

In tandem with Tip 1, you may want to consider a pre-inspection of your home if you are considering a sale this year. Having an inspection has a few benefits, two of them being:

1. You have a heads up on any potential issues that buyers may have and can choose to address them ahead of time. A home inspector might be able to point of potential areas that would benefit from a repair prior to going on the market.

2. You can provide a satisfactory inspection report to a buyer. Many buyers are cautious on purchasing a home without a condition and while the demand is high and there are several homes selling without one, there are still buyers that will insist on having a home inspection as a requirement of sale. To maximize the amount of offers on your home, having a pre-inspection helps eliminate some worries that a potential buyer may have.

TIP 4 – First Impressions Last Forever

Here are some quick and easy items that can make your home shine! 

Clean Windows and Mirrors

Clean Up the Yard 

Mow the Lawn 

Purchase Flowers

Clean Drapery

Polish Floors

Utilize Towels, Throws, and Pillows

Place Outdoor Mat and Umbrella Stand

At Collaborative Real Estate we look forward to helping you with your Spring Sale, contact Karen Willison direct at any time 705-888-0075 to discuss your real estate needs.