Spring is becoming routine by now: We are busy with harvesting our own local maple syrup, celebrating the new season with friends and family, and looking forward to many spectacular long weekends ahead. Another item to add to your list: Putting your home up for sale.
Homes often sell quickly and sometimes for a higher amount in spring months, and here is why.

1. The weather is *finally beautiful

Weather plays an important role for home sellers and their open houses. Severe weather makes transportation to different viewings a real challenge, especially if you have little ones or have difficulty getting around. If you are re-locating from a distance, it’s tricky to make the commitment to drive in lousy weather. People are inspired to get out more when the temperature climbs, and that lovely weather will also mean your home will look lovely. Your home will look its best when flowers start blooming and the lawn is freshly cut and green.

2. Buyers are getting serious

When the spring housing season begins, many buyers feel as if they have plenty of time to find a home and time their summer move. If nothing is happening by the time May comes, buyers may relent to submitting competitive offers in the hopes of finally sealing the deal.
Remember too that it’s a seller’s market; home values have gone up 20% in the Georgian Triangle, and buyers are just starting to look, they are excited about what lies ahead, and they look forward to exploring the beautiful communities and neighbourhoods in the Southern Georgian Triangle.

3. The timing aligns with the new school year

Families will want to close on a new home before the end of summer. Anyone with children, or who works in education, will feel that the year really centres on a beginning and end of a school year. To move when a school year has just started is difficult, especially if changing school districts. If you take the month of May to search for a home, you can close the deal in July or August, allowing time to settle before the school year begins.

4. The time is just right

You have endured an up and down winter, been away (or wished you had) over the March Break, school is still in session, and there is some serious pep in your step. Spring has a way of enhancing not just the looks of the outdoors, but also moods, too. May is a seasonal sweet spot, so to speak. Everything looks fresh and new, and everyone is happy and in a home-buying mood.
So if you have been hesitating, STOP!!! The timing has never been better than right now. Find out what your home is worth by filling out a customized Home Evaluation Report Request, and then let the AK Team do the rest!