How a new exterior paint color can boost the curb appeal of your home

by Kandace Gallant on 23 Mar 2022

If you’re looking to sell your house and make the most out of the sale, you can do so by boosting the exterior’s curb appeal. This can be done in a few different ways, including giving your house a completely different color.

An enhanced curb appeal can make your house sell faster

It’s not just the interior of your house that matters most to prospective buyers. While that definitely plays a large role in the sale, you should also impress people with the exterior. The more positive effect you create as soon as people pull up to your home, the faster it can sell and for more money too. It’s one of the first thing’s that people notice, so why not try to make a lasting first impression? Why not try to make your house stand out from the rest? You may think that this is easier said than done, but there are very simple and affordable ways to make this happen.

Add bushes and shrubs

Adding greenery like bushes or a flower bed can make the lawn look more well-manicured and help bring a pop of color to the scene. Opt for annuals that grow back themselves every year and are easy to maintain to appeal to people even more. If it’s wintertime, add some winter-friendly trees and plants to your front porch.

Add outdoor lighting fixtures 

Not only can outdoor lights make your space look nice and bright, but they can also add safety to the exterior of your house by reducing tripping or falling, brightening dark areas, and adding an extra sense of security.

Repaint/restain the fence

If you have a fence surrounding your house that looks like it’s peeling or has just seen better days, it’s best to give it an upgrade. There are some buyers who are specifically looking for a fenced-in yard, so why not really impress them with one that looks brand new?

Repaint the exterior of your home

It’s bound to happen eventually – whether you have stucco, aluminum, or vinyl siding, they need to be repainted after many years of wear and tear. It’s worth hiring a professional to repaint the exterior. This includes doors, shutters, trim, windowsills, garage doors, the porch or deck, and the siding.

Repainting can rejuvenate the entire home

Giving the entirety of your house a new color can make it feel brand new; something that appeals to many buyers. There are also certain colors that can affect buyers’ moods. For example, a light blue can mimic the feeling of calmness or even being by the water. Yellow, a sunny sensation, can evoke emotions like happiness or even warmth. Red can promote cheerfulness, confidence, and energy. Green, the color of nature, can also evoke energy and bring more balance to one’s mood. White, a popular exterior home color, can cause a feeling of cleanliness and even make a house appear larger than it really is.