Should have, Could have, Would have: don’t you wish you could see into the future of your home selling process? Here is a list of 5 things to consider when selling your home, no crystal ball needed!

1. The Value of your Home
It’s easy to get excited about your potential listing price, especially if you’re planning on putting your selling equity into your next home purchase. But that won’t do you any favours; make sure you have realistic expectations about your home’s value. Do your research to find out what your home is worth: look at comparisons, consider location and nearby home sales in the last six months, and narrow it down to properties that most closely resemble your own.

2. Your Listing Agent
Once you’ve decided to list your home for sale, the biggest decision you’ll make is choosing a real estate agent. The AK Team is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional customer service and making sure the home selling process is as smooth and pleasant as possible. You can rest easy knowing that the AK Team will be with you throughout the process, freeing you of unnecessary stress.

3. Staging your Home
Obviously, your home should be clean, but when your home is for sale, it should sparkle! Getting there means that everything, including the refrigerator, is gleaming. Closets should be organized, crumbs should be swept up, and unnecessary clutter should be boxed up, or donated to the local charity. When your home is for sale, it should always be tidy, and the best way to achieve this is by doing away with articles that don’t spark joy, which leads perfectly to our fourth point.

4. Should I put away the bathtub crayons?
YES, yes, yes! Kids are curious and sweet little creatures, but they are also rather messy. And the more you have, the more difficult they are to keep up with. Chances are if you do have children, they may have more toys, craft supplies and devices than necessary. When you list your home, consider storing extra (and messy) toys to avoid a panic attack when you realize your three year old has just painted a Picasso all over your dining room walls.

5. Furry Friends
If questioning whether or not you should leave your pets out to play with and meet potential buyers the answer is: NO, no, no! In the rush to get your house listing-ready, the pet factor can be overlooked. No matter how clean your place is, smelling a litter box will not earn you offers. It also should be considered that some potential buyers might be allergic to, or afraid of animals. Your best strategy, even though it’s not always easy, is to make pet footprints minimal in your home while you are selling.
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