Unless you have years of experience navigating your way through the real estate on a daily basis, chances are listing your home on your own is going to be a challenge. By listing your home on your own, you’re cutting yourself off from building relationships, selling quickly, and getting top dollar.

A REALTOR® is someone who can be a friend, guide you through the market and be your best resource when you’re buying or selling a home. If you choose to sell your home on your own, you’ll be missing out on the value they bring.

Benefit From Networks & Increase Exposure

We’ve talked about the Golden Window of Opportunity; the limited time frame when your home is new on the market and in high demand. One of the ways to take full advantage of that window is leveraging existing networks of buyers.

Selling your home on your own means you’re missing out on an existing network of clients. REALTORS® spend years building relationships with people and expanding their networks, because it is crucial for business in this industry. They are networking professionals. By selling on your own, you won’t be tapping into this trusted network, and you will lose out on exposing your home to more buyers.

You’ll have to start marketing your home from scratch. Shouting from the rooftop that your home is for sale and doing all the work yourself. If you work with a REALTOR® to sell your home, you will increase your listing’s exposure and have access to an existing network of clients, REALTORS® and suppliers who they can market your home to. Now doesn’t that sound more convenient?

Reduce Legal Fees & Save Money

Sellers often choose not to use a REALTOR® because they want to save money. Or at least that’s what they think.

If you list your home on your own you will be subject to additional legal fees. If you lawyer has to draw up a contract for you your expenses will increase. Legal work = more time + higher fees.

Using a REALTOR® decreases the amount of time it takes a lawyer to review the agreement, keeping your legal fees down. Plus, your REALTOR® will have access to great legal professionals to work with. Remember: their network is invaluable.

List at the Right Price & Get Top Dollar

REALTORS® live and breathe the real estate industry, so they know how to strategically list your home to sell for top dollar. With extensive market knowledge and years of experience pricing homes, your home can be priced right.

Pricing your home right the first time is crucial to your selling strategy, because it gets more people through the door and attracts more buyers, putting your home in high demand.

Making the decision on your own could be a big mistake. You could miss out on eager buyers because you took too long to decide. Or worse, you could lose out on money because you don’t have the industry experience or market knowledge to properly price your home.

We already talked about how your REALTOR® has spent years building up a great network. Well this network is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting you top dollar. More qualified buyers will be shown your home, which means more exposure, interest and offers.

Expedite Closing & Save Time

Buying or selling your home will be one of the largest transactions you’ll make in your life, so you want to do it right. Listing your home on your own means you’ll have to negotiate with the other party’s REALTOR® (because they probably have one on their team) and you probably don’t have the experience that they have. This could result in you getting the shorter end of the stick.

REALTORS® work through closings all the time; it’s literally what they do. They understand the language, the processes, and how to close the deal. Relying on a REALTOR® to help you through negotiations will get the deal closed right, insuring your needs are met, and closed quickly… giving you more time to focus on how you’re going to decorate your next home.

Receive Objective, Professional Representation & Negotiate Effectively

Selling your home is not only a massive task, it’s an emotional one. Without of professional to give you guidance, advice and insights, it will be a very overwhelming experience.

Our Team can help navigate you through the real estate market and your decisions with an objective mindset, and represent your best interests.

With the industry knowledge and expertise, our Team will strategically price and market your home, secure offers, and negotiate the final deal with you.