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Many clients looking to purchase recreational or retirement properties in our area ask us about how well ‘serviced’ we are in Collingwood & The Blue Mountains. We likely overwhelm them with our answer; going on at length about the wonderful restaurants, specialty shops, spas, and fashion retailers we are lucky enough to be surrounded with.

One area that is of particular interest for both our clients and us is maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, wherever we are – at home, or our home away from home. Up here that often means outdoor activities, of which there are plenty – skiing & snowshoeing in the winter, kayaking, swimming, hiking and running in the summer – but how do we stay in shape for these sports? And what happens in the off season(s)?

This is where Active Life Conditioning comes in.  Founded by Sarah Applegarth in 2001, this not your average gym. This Training Centre facility works on a coach-based system to help all their clients meet their fitness goals. You won’t find a room full of people running on treadmills at Active Life – rather you’ll find a packed schedule of high energy, small sized conditioning classes where your particular needs and goals are assessed and there is plenty of opportunity for one-on-one attention from the coach. Active Life currently has a roster of 12 coaches and works with a variety of clients ranging from Olympians to those looking to improve their general health and wellness.

Owner Sarah Applegarth, MSc, R.Kin, CSCS is an exercise physiologist who specializes in monitoring a coach based training system. Sarah was ahead of the curve in 2001 with her business model; coach-based conditioning like CrossFit and BootCamps taking off across North America in the past decade. Active Life works with everyone from elite athletes to average folks like us, and is dedicated to helping each and every client meet their fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. The facility offers group conditioning, youth conditioning, yoga, seniors programs and CrossFit in addition to one-on-one training. Youth Summer Camps are also available.

Our team’s firsthand experience working out at Active Life has been incredibly positive. The coaches are motivational, and the small class sizes offer an opportunity to really let your coach get to know you and your personal challenges and goals, which leaves you with a much more rewarding fitness experience.

One other thing we love about Active life is the membership structure – or lack thereof. The commitment period is session based vs. annual membership, so you sign up for your desired class for an 8 week period, and then you renew from there as it fits your schedule. For even more flexibility Active Life has introduced Sampler Packs, a drop-in option for people with schedules that don’t allow them to commit to one day/class. This set up is well suited to many of our clients who may spend one or two seasons here, or are here part-time.

To complement their training facility, Active Life has also expanded to include Physiotherapy, Chiropractor and Athletic Therapy services.

Active Life is currently located in the Cranberry Mews Plaza on Highway 26 in Collingwood; however the business has seen such great success in its four years in this location they are on the lookout for a larger space that would allow for a proper entranceway and lounge area as well as a more comfortable Yoga/ Pilates studio, treatment rooms and some outdoor green space.

Their units in Cranberry Mews are now available for lease; if you or someone you know is interested in the retail space or knows of space available for Active Life to grow into, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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