screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-3-31-52-pmBy addressing each of these common issues that deter buyers from making an offer you will set yourself up for a smoother, faster and fair priced sale of your home. We will start from top to bottom. This list includes a few of the many reasons – rational or not – that potential home buyers bring up in their hunt for the perfect home. Do you have experience with naysaying buyers? Tell us about your top reasons

Issue One: The Rooftop  

Did you know that issues with roofs are responsible for more than 39% of homeowner insurance claims? Before putting your home on the market, ask yourself if you would be comfortable moving into your home with the roof as is, or, if your roof approaching the end of its typical life span. A typical lifespan for a shingled roof is about 20-25 years. If you are iffy on this point, chances are your potential buyers will be too. Consider replacing it or having it assessed and getting a certification that proves to buyers that it is in great shape.


Issue Two: Eavestroughs  

Just below your roof lies issue number two. You may overlook the importance of well-functioning eavestroughs in the fairer seasons – but come winter & spring it is of paramount importance that these bad-boys are in perfect working order. A faulty system could lead to flooding, damage to the roof line and even the foundation of your home. Tip: regularly clean out your troughs! Set aside 30 minutes a month to keep on top of it, a bit of time could save you a lot of money! If you want to hire someone else to do it, you should expect to pay anywhere from $5-$10 per foot.

Issue Three: Doors & Windows  

Serious buyers WILL check doors and windows. A sticky window or creaky door is a quick fix for sellers, while being a red flag to potential buyers. Replacing windows and doors can bring a 50% to 80% return on your investment. Then again, even if your doors and windows are a tad on the old side, but in working order, you can lower this on your priority list.

Issue Four: Appliances

Truth bomb: if your appliances look like they belong on the set of ‘That 70’s Show’ you would do well to replace them before putting your home on the market. Even if they work amazingly, you would be surprised at how important aesthetics are to a potential buyer. Moreover, if you plan to take any of your appliances with you when you move, make sure to mention this in your listing and seller’s disclosure.

Issue Five: Your Home’s Foundation  

We promised to take you from top to bottom, and that leaves us at your home’s foundation. Cracks in walls or the exterior foundation are often a sign of a larger issue. You should be prepared to correct structural issues before your house hits the market. Otherwise, be prepared to address the issue when it inevitably comes up in a home inspection. Our advice: manage these potential buyer-red-flags before you list your house. It will save you time and stress and will likely lead to a higher dollar value sale of your home.