With the winter season slowly fading away to warmer and longer days, you might be wondering what spring project to tackle first.  After spending most of these last couple of months on our toes waiting for the winter-that-never-was, you might have an extra bit of energy to put toward these projects.  If selling your home is a consideration, did you know that according to realestate.ca spring is the best time to get the ball rolling?  There is a real advantage to listing in the early spring.  Summer months, especially those spent on the beautiful Southern Georgian Bay, are best spent enjoying what the area has to offer. If listing is in your future, get started early and enjoy the special advantage you have as a homeowner in Georgian Triangle.  After such a windfall last season, the selling inventory is quite low, and you know what that means, right?  Listing your home with the AK Real Estate Team will earn you top dollar for your home. If you take some time to consider that, that could mean a much sweeter beginning to the season ahead.  See the list below for some tips on preparing your home to sell, and be sure to get in touch with the AK Real Estate Team

1 – Prepare your Outside Space: After an uneventful winter, people are going to be looking for an inspired and vibrant outdoor space.  Nothing says good times are ahead like a well manicured garden/lawn, or a thoughtfully laid out patio space.

2 – Show-off your Assets: You know because you live in the space, but how do you expect potential buyers to recognize the beauty of your picture window views if the curtains are drawn?  More importantly, how lovely is the cross breeze?  Consider the full experience of your house in the springtime from inside to out.

3 – Scrub-a-dub: Salt stains in your mudroom, dust bunnies in that high traffic corner, or just too many different clothing seasons represented in your closets?  Clutter and mess can distract potential buyers from the potential of what lies beneath the chaos.  

4 – Make a Splash: Winter’s palette, while beautiful, is stark, and by springtime we look forward to experiencing a colourful splash. Spruce up entry ways and little nooks with a splash of colour and a fragrant bouquet of spring trimmings.

With a change of the season, put a little spring in your step and don’t miss the opportunity to list your home. The 2016 market is 2 months ahead of where it usually is. Houses are moving fast, and there are simply not enough on the market. If you have been considering selling your home, now is not the time for hesitation. We understand the reservations involved with putting a home on the market, so let us clear up at least one for you with our complimentary, custom home value report. Click here to request your home value report.