What is a cocktail pool?

For those homeowners who aren’t quite ready to commit to a full-sized pool, a petite plunge pool (or swim spa) is the answer. In a small yard, it’s just the right size for a quick dunk and looks just as dreamy as their larger counterparts.

Cocktail pools, most simply, just look like scaled-down swimming pools, but they can be so much more than just “Swimming Pool, Jr.” You can add elements such as spa or hot tub features (such as seating, jets, and heaters) to your cocktail pool. You can also spice up a cocktail pool with other water features.

Cocktail pools are typically smaller and shallower, designed for lounging and socializing. They are usually no more than 14 feet long and around 4-5 feet deep. On the other hand, plunge pools are often slightly larger and deeper, offering a more refreshing swimming experience.